Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Our School Room

We finally got the school room decorated and for the most part organized to start our new year hopefully on August 4th.  I know it is early but my intentions are to run a 4 week on and 1 week off schedule.  We have a one week trip that we will be taking at a currently undetermined time so that plays a factor into our early start as well.  Here is a shot of the "teacher's" desk.  We put cork on the upper half of the walls.  The chair rail is done up like a ruler.
This is a shot of the reading couch and three of the kids desks.  I got the desks for $10 each at the local ISD surplus shop.  A can of black matte spray paint later and they looked great.  The chairs are IKEA.

A shot from the rear of the room looking at the entrance to the room.  I love these bookcases from IKEA.  The last shot is back of the teachers desk where I have my two littles desks set up as well as the dogs spot (not in the shot).  All in all I love this room.  It is big yet cozy and offers a lot of floor space for the young ones.  We spend almost all our school day up here or outside on the deck which I will showcase in my next post.


Christian Home Educators said...

Looks great Traci!!

Leslie/My Lifesong Sings

BETHANY said...

Love it!! I was just thinking about doing a cork wall the other day. However, we rent. So, I'll just admire your cork for now. :)

Green Acres said...

Wow! It looks great! So organized.