Monday, July 28, 2008

A weekend away part 1

On Friday morning my dh suggested a trip down to the coast.  I panicked as I had no plans as to what to do with the dog.  A quick call to the kennel revealed a spot for the weekend. We drove her to the kennel, got a tour and said our goodbyes.  We had gotten tickets to see the Round Rock Express that night so we grabbed a quick bite at Taco Bell and headed to the Dell Diamond.  Upon arriving at the parking lot it was realized I had left my purse at the fast food joint.  Turned around got it and headed back to the field.  We had great seats along the third base line just 7 rows back!  Much fun was had by my baseball fanatic son.  Express won.  There was a post game thing where some guy hit 90 golfballs in less than 70 seconds.  He was filmed for the guiness book of world records.  Lights out and fireworks........... ohhhh ahhhhhh!

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