Friday, June 24, 2011

School room changes

I'm in the middle of cleaning out and rearranging my schoolroom.  My idea was to pull everything into the hall and only put back in what I wanted.  The result of that brilliant plan was what my husband lovingly refers to as "hoarders hall"
It only looks slightly better at this moment.  However you no longer need to hurdle to go watch tv ( I am too old to hurdle). 
The rest of the room is coming together.  I moved the furniture around with the help of my dashing husband.  Good thing he works from home as my pec muscles just aren't what they used to be before surgery.The other half of the room I haven't photographed.  But it is set up.  This week I am purging hoarder hall and moving books onto all those empty shelves.  The coffee table will hold manipulatives and science supplies, the shelf behind will hold school books and manuals.  Most of what you see furniturewise is IKEA  I LOVE IKEA!  
 I will post final pics when it is all done and when hoarders hall is cleaned up.  Coming up soon will be a list of what we are using this year too.

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