Friday, April 1, 2011

TOS Review ~ Zeezok Z Guide

The latest review is from Zeezok Publishing. Zeezok provides a host of products from penmanship to movie guides.  The product I was asked to review was a movie guide.  I chose the high school guide for the movie "The Hiding Place"  My seventh grader had read this book for an English class and I thought it would help her with understanding the time frame.  The guides are priced at $12.99 for an e-book download.
I was impressed immediately with the guide.  It had questions to answer during and after the movie, activities for understanding the time period, and an answer key.  The company does strive to "develop your family's love for God and Country" which means faith is talked about.
I asked my daughter Hannah to write about the guide.  Here is what she had to say:

The Hiding Place movie guide was fun. It allowed me to learn some new things about the different aspects of the movie and life in World War II. I learned that Ravensbruck was just as bad as it was portrayed in the movie, if not worse. The guide made me explore details of the hiding place in Corrie's room in detail,
and challenged me to pick a room in our house that would be best for a hiding place of our own. Would I hide Jews if it meant going to Ravensbruck?
Where would I hide them? It challenged me with these questions and more. It made me respect the Ten Boom family even more than I used to.
They sacrificed so much, and expected nothing in return. This movie guide was great because it made me look beyond the surface of this movie.

 So there you have it.  Two thumbs up from my girl for Zeezok movie guides.

Disclaimer: I received a copy of this movie guide for free for review purposes only


Jennifer said...

Visiting through the blog walk this week. I think this is another Z-guide our family would enjoy.

Lynn said...

We also reviewed this zguide and loved it. Stopping by from the TOS Blog Walk..