Thursday, April 21, 2011

Feeling blue and very non metal binding

I have been remiss on blogging.....why?  Because I just haven't plain felt like it.  You see I was once again diagnosed with low iron.  I've shared it before.  But this time it has me reeling.  I was feeling fine until I got the diagnosis and THEN I needed sleep every afternoon!  I have my last iron infusion today.  I'm probably sitting in the recliner watching the metal drip ever so slowly into my veins.  I'm lucky if I can focus for very long on it as the benydryl takes over and makes the whole world just a little wonky.
This process has had me in a mini depression.  I need to take steps to get to the bottom of this iron issue.  I need to find a doctor who will take time and talk this out with me.  I have a lead and I need to follow up on it.  But I am currently in a mode of procrastination or rather denial.  I'll get through it and once that little red bag of iron isn't hanging over my head once a week I will once again grab life by the horns and the Good Book and get myself off the edge of this pit where I have plunked my happy behind on the edge to dangle my feet in the abyss.  I will graduate C25K, I will finish up the last six weeks of school with the kids and I will start cooking again.  Just let me get a little metal in me and I should be good to go.
Please accept this as my apology for not boring you with more posts on my life :)


Susan in the Boonies said...

I am sending you a hug of deep sympathy, and a plea to CONTINUE doing what you are doing, which is addressing the issue as best you can at the moment, and then be as pro-active as you can be to TAKE CARE OF MOMMA FIRST!!!! Your troops NEED you to do that! Don't worry about the blog: when you have the mojo to blog, you'll know it. Take care of you with the diligence that you'd want your besty to take care of herself. Love you, Traci!

Michelle said...

Hello Traci!

I'm dropping by from our TOS Blog Walk. I hope that you feel better soon.