Friday, July 2, 2010

B is for Bicker Busters

I subscribe to CurrClicks newsletter.  They often have a free product to download.  I download, I look at it, I make plans to use it, but you know what I never do.  I'm too busy to do "fun" stuff.  Well the kids were bickering over the Wii so I made them shut it off.  I had printed out the B is for Boats by Sharon Crooks a long time ago and never put it to use.  In cleaning out the school room this week I found the printouts and decided to actually use it!  So right now my littles are talking boats, coloring and gluing and learning terms like "stern" and "bow".  Rainy day bicker buster worked.  If you are at home with littles I recommend you sign up for their email newsletter and then you too will have bicker buster freebies.

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