Monday, July 12, 2010

1 week to go

 I will be starting the kids back to school next Monday.  I am working in peace right now as my 3 oldest are off to Xtreme Adventure wired and my youngest two are happily watching Mathtacular 3 over and over again!  I am slowly dwindling the paper pile that has become my desk! I graded a few forgotten math tests from May, inputed unit one of Health into Home School Tracker and cleaned up a few workbooks that were still hanging around from last year.  I have one pile to go and then I will be on my way to starting this year off on a good foot.
So when do you start back to school?  Do you school year round?
Our plan this year is to start on the 19th - school for 2 weeks (it's so hot here it makes sense to do it now)
break for 1 week
school for 4 weeks
break for a week at labor day.  Everyone else will be back to school so we will probably hit the pool, see some area sights and maybe get the trailer out for a weekend of camping.
That is as far as I have gotten in solid planning.  I have the rest of year penciled in but not set in ink!

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