Friday, June 25, 2010


My big girls are gone for the week visiting with grandparents in another state.  The dynamics in our house are very different right now.  The three youngers are content to be on the WII for large chunks of time, so using it to my advantage I am gutting the school room in prep for our new school year.  I plan to start mid July giving us time off when the weather is a little less severe in Texas.  So bear with me as I post my to do list for the day.  I figure it might keep me accountable :)

1. wash jeans for John (nothing to do with school but my man needs clean jeans which he did not have this am)
2. tackle the paper piles that spawned from the large one in the school room
3.  input science for both learning groups into HST+
4.  Make a list of items needed
5. Gut the bookshelves
6.  Move old cores down and new ones up
7. label core 2 adv readers
8.  sit with avery and work on some phonics

that should keep me busy right??

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Lauren said...

Good luck with all that! :)