Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Home Sweet Home

We arrived home last night.  My shower has never felt so warm, my bed so perfect nor my pillows so soft.  We rolled in late so it was jammies and bed for the three kids we brought home with us (don't worry we didn't lose two along the way we just shipped them home with the grandparents for an extended vacation). John watered his garden and checked some work stuff and crashed only to be awoken with a "my tummy hurts"from N.  We told him to crash on our floor.  Sometime in the middle of the night A joined him.  I guess after sleeping in a room with 7 other kids for a week they didn't want to be alone!
It is good to be home.  I am now trying to catch up on some TOS Crew stuff and plan to spend some time planning and inputing next year into the computer.  While we were gone we let A detonate some dynamite in a Gold Mine.  We're cool like that :)

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Lauren said...

Haha, cute! Avery looks so serious in that picture! Glad you are all made it home safe.