Friday, March 19, 2010

Dear Family and Friends,

I was curious to know if you have finally decided to homeschool your children?  I mean after all are you not worried about them being over socialized?  Are you not concerned that they could excel academically beyond their peers in one class but be held back from learning because no one else excels?  Are you not concerned that they may be excellent readers but be held to reading at their grade level?  Are you not concerned that they are perhaps struggling in math yet are barely keeping their head above water because the other 29 students must be taught at the pace set by the standardized tests?  Afraid that they are only being taught the test in order for the school district to get its money?  Does it not concern you that they don't have time to hop down bunny trails when something strikes their fancy?
I do not ask you these questions when I speak with you so please do not ask myself or my children if they are going "back" to school.  They are back to school although they never left.... we just switched schools.  My children enjoy homeschooling most days.  I'm sure if you asked your kids or yourself  if you would not respond that traditional school was enjoyable or tolerable most days as well.  If you are concerned about my kids socialization don't be.  They have friends, they know how to talk to others, play nice etc.  We ask each year if they would like to go to traditional school.  Each year the answer is no.  Lest you forget two of our children have been to private school and know what each side is like.  Our family functions just fine with them all at home.  Is every day roses and sunshine?  NO but I bet it isn't at your house either or at school for that matter.  Am I cheating my children?  From what I ask?  Am I the best teacher in every subject?  Nope, but we were paying for our kids to have worse teachers.  I have flaws, yes but I am human as are you.
So please don't ask my children if they are going back to school in the fall or ever.  If they decide to go to traditional school you all would be the first to know.


Brita said...

Great job Traci! Wish I could say that to many of my family members who just don't get it...


BETHANY said...

Feeling feisty? :)

You know what I love about this post? It's not filled with a "homeschool is better than all other options" attitude. All options have their pros and cons, huh?

Bob and Cheri said...

Great post Traci!

Sarah said...

So when are they going back to school? Monday? I am assuming your school is open then. :)

Karen said...

Great post! I admire you for homeschooling. I toy with the idea but don't feel the calling as of yet. It is, however, an option I keep open.