Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Senioritis when you are the teacher??

That can't be good!  Here we are with 3 1/2 weeks left for the girls and about 2 weeks left for Ian.  The littles are in for the ride and doing bits here and there.  I just can't get motivated to finish this out.  I will order curriculum for next year next week but even that thought hasn't got me motivated.  I have a case of senioritis and I'm the teacher.  Egads!  Many other home school moms would say "well no one ever finishes the books in traditional school" but to me I have paid for 36 weeks of education.  I KNOW my kids get 52 weeks of education a year as they love to learn and read and explore but I just want to check off all the little boxes, yet I can't get out of my pjs!  So I proclaim today the get off your butt Traci day and do some school.  We did finish two read alouds yesterday.  Our family read aloud Swift Rivers, should be finished this week and we will move on to The Hobbit.  Over the summer during the extreme heat we will touch on some Language Arts that we missed and work on some writing of papers (our weakest subject).  Mapping skills will be worked on during vacation to Florida.  How to build a really big trash pile fire without getting burned will be a course study at the grandparents house.  Loving on Auntie and Uncle 101 will be a week long course as well.  Conversation with the Older Generations is an upper level course that will also take place with some fabulous teachers called Mimi and Papa.  How to be spoiled and love it will be taught by Papa and GrrGrr.  See educated 52 weeks a year :)


Joshua Green said...

Everyone should do school in PJs!

We can't wait to see you guys!

Traci said...

It's another PJ day. They are constructing lego cities. That counts as blueprint making right???

Lauren said...

I can't wait for my summer course on lovin' on my nieces and nephews!!