Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Sprained ankles-Bug bites-Good times

Last Monday I was with Claire at auditions for her choir's summer musical.  My cell rang (whoops) I jumped up to answer it outside not realizing my left foot had fallen asleep.  I rolled my ankle and heard a pop.  It hurt.  By the next day I could walk on it but each night it swelled and turned pretty colors.  I got back in the pool today and could actually use fins so I think the healing process is complete.  
The family discovered geocaching last week.  We took the kids out Sunday afternoon.  We found all the caches we set out for but came home with major bug bites.  Mosquitoes and we are thinking chiggers.  There is a lot of panty line scratching going on over here.  I have been using the burts bees bug bite stick on the itchiest ones for the kids and it seems  to help.  
Other than that we are having a great time.  School is wrapping up and life is good.  Can't complain (well other than the fact that I am behind on laundry again)

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