Friday, February 13, 2009

Love is...

... letting your mom come watch your brothers five kids so he can whisk his wife off to Paris for some RnR all the while you are on bed rest baking 3 sweet green beans
... coming to watch your 5 grandchildren (and dog) without a single hesitation so your son can whisk his wife off to Paris for some RnR even though you have a daughter on bed rest and a mom with many doctors appointments
... whisking your wife off to Paris and arranging for mom to come stay with the kids AFTER checking with sister on bed rest to make sure she wouldn't mind giving up mom for a week.

... family


Lauren said...

Love is... moving your hole family out to FL for a month (during the summer) to help your sister-in-law out with her new babies! :)

Love is... your nieces and nephews praying daily for the health and safety of their future cousins.

Traci said...

They ask daily for their "Green Bean Report" :)